Tuesday, 11 July 2017


and are we to stop
drop dead
just because of an ailment?

are we to march to the government's drum
just because they are armed?

who are we if not free?

consent if you will

if the will is there
and ony if it is there

Monday, 10 July 2017

direction of travel

looked at myself in the mirror
unshaven but that's ok
the stubble white under my chin

neck getting a bit scaly
an old person's neck
though I'm not old, at 58
still it's the direction of travel

death is approaching
don't get me wrong, I'm not worried
and I hope it's light years away yet
but it's definitely the direction of travel


She still writes letters
to her brother in Acton

the writing now spidery
hesitant on the envelope
the hand faltering
the absence of sufficient strength
to make the movement smooth enough


memories are short stories
that get in the way
of today's new story

memories are blasts
the blow you away from living

memories are forget-me-nots
that ought to have wilted by now

memories are the made-up stories
of lives
that never quite were

memories are thieves
come to steal your presence

Saturday, 8 July 2017

bucket loads

I have bucket loads of them
gathering virtual dust on the hard drive
and on various memory sticks

They gather dust but remain fresh
orators awaiting their turn to speak
sentinels prepared at their post

the centuries turn into millennia
still they sit unturned
feet thick under the soil
they await their rediscovery

Thursday, 6 July 2017

and the overflow

and the overflow
just keeps pouring

till the world is flooded
and the seas start to move
into outer space

and water floats effortlessly
to every reach of the galaxy

till at last it stops
and starts its long journey

back to the home planet
now drowned

and the only life that survives
is that which lives in the ocean

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Everything is a koan
Taking the muesli
out of the cupboard
in the morning
without making a noise

watching a Zen priest
arrange flowers
for the tea ceremony

bowing before the flowers
while my wife
calls him a pretentious git

there is no answer
hence the point of the question
is to be the words

there is no question
hence the point is to
not answer

without making a noise
the muesli pours
I observe the flowers
sip my tea