Tuesday, 19 September 2017

to live life in peace

to live life in peace
to be free
from the ways we've been told to live
free from tv series
free from tv news
free from music and art
free from stories in books
free from history

to live

simply to live

to live simply

to eat
to eat without murdering animals

to drink pure clean water
to leave off alcohol
and sweet fizzy drinks

to do the work
that needs done

to build what needs built
but leave off what does not need built

to invent what needs inventing
but not to invent crap

to discover cures for illnesses

to nurture our minds
so that they are clear
and kind and giving

to end hunger

this is how to live life in peace

Monday, 11 September 2017


they keep stopping me
from doing what I should
be doing

they block me
hinder me
prevent me
from true purpose

the blockages
eat my time
deplete my energy

delete them
eliminate them
evaporate them

be clear
be cleansed
be pure in attention

Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Still

Bad news travels even faster these days.
if you want face to face

Hearts still break
voices still crack
at the attempt to explain the pain

and no amount of tech
can bridge the gap
to give a hug of solace
and love

the pain remains distant
the voices don't mend the hole
the hearts may beat but they don't heal

bad news then.
time for time
and time alone
to do what only time
can do.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

the day

the day is almost done
and nothing
seems to have been achieved

hence this poem

a mark of creation

if poor, it's still there
out of nothing
a poem

if good
so what?
still just a creation

now the day has been fulfilled
this poem
something achieved
out of nothing

Thursday, 3 August 2017

in the absence

in the absence of danger
the human world seems confused
what to do if not to panic
what to do if there's nothing
to be anxious about

in the event of peace
we need agitation
let it build
hold its place

sometimes explode into war

when we've had enough
of war

we mistrustfully sniff about
for a ceasefire
which becomes a reluctant

but only peace in the sense
of an absence of war

real peace
is far from in our hearts

and after too long a period of this annoying quietness
lack of agitation
we need to let roll again
after all you can only
rebuild cities
and bury your dead
for so long
before the process starts to become
unbearably tortuous
and dull

Monday, 31 July 2017

I don't have late nights

I don't have late nights
You hear about in songs
No raves or parties in my world

You'll find me in my bed at 10
book in hand
Notebook and pen at my side
In case I get any great
World-saving ideas
Before I go to sleep
Or through the night

If you want a good time
come into my head
a heapful of bizarre stuff
going on in there

I offer you Dada, absurdism
and sentimentality
all carefully enveloped
In a soft wall called mindfulness

there is a world
a planet in there
and you're welcome to orbit it
any time.

The sweep of rain

The sweep of rain
Falls lightly on my head
And the memory lapses
Into a dream state
As I step back over
The buckled body
Which has one arm missing

I see it in three curious pieces
Just ahead of me
And the dust turns into a light mud
In a gentle process of much artistic merit

When the children's broken bodies
We're collected
And the clean up began
There was a soft quietness
Like a hymn had just finished

The shadows of a death song
Had gathered together now
Like a choir
Too painful to retain in a heart
That still held some residue of faith in beauty and colour

The following morning
I stepped over the strewn puddles
Nothing remained of the carnage
Just an archipelago of muck
And in my dreamlike state
I moved in slow motion
as the light rain
soaked through my skin

and I sensed that the sight of what I witnessed that day
Had drowned me
and that my bones had disintegrated
like sand castles do
when the waves come in.

and I wished my memory would collapse
and over a forgetful cliff
tumble till the day I die
As I disintegrate like sand
on a despairing shore