Thursday, 29 May 2008

Business cards lie like trophies

Business cards lie like trophies on my desk
But what’s the legacy
Very little as I scan the names
Minor officials in the court of Scottish business life
Or government bureaucracy

And for this I have spent my precious days
Years, life

To hob nob with the mediocracy
To get some tiny agreement
On a matter of irrelevance to existence

And thus we wither on blether
And decline on mundane chat
Pretending all the while it matters

When really it’s just using up the working day
To prove that we deserve our pay

So many talented – or maybe not so talented –
But high up positioned people
In academia, government, banking
Business support and journalism

Spending eons plugging leaks in the system
Adding minute additions to the colossal work-in-progress
Called society, the system.
Why only yesterday I was so pointedly reminded it is
The system under which we all march
And bowing our heads, adore and obey


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