Thursday, 29 May 2008

Karen Carpenter singing

Karen Carpenter singing ‘loneliness
is such a sad affair’
in that pure magical voice

on the radio
after I drop my son off at his mate’s house
in Larkhall

we were listening to Horace Andy
sing on a Massive Attack CD
so cool
so pure
with all the dub and r‘n’b tracking
behind him

but back home
typing this on my laptop
it’s karen’s sweet tone
that rings inside me
and I feel so sad
that she died young

‘and I can hardly wait to be with you again’

The Carpenters
so innocent an image
they had to change the word ‘sleep’ to ‘be’
and yet I wouldn’t have wanted her
to sing of sleeping with her lover

only wanting to be loved

of course it’s unreal, imagery
but all the more truthful for that
and I will remember Karen Carpenter
all my life
aware of the grief her brother lives with
all his life

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