Wednesday, 11 June 2008

For Ingrid Betancourt

I think of you sometimes
Not often enough

And I feel only utter sadness

I cannot imagine your heart
Yet still I hope it beats

I cannot imagine your mind
Yet still I hope it holds together

I see your face
Desolate and worn

And only pray for the day…

I think of you free
I think of you healed
I think of you with your family again

And pray for the day

And I feel only sadness

I pray that your heart beats
I pray that your mind holds together

I hope one day to see your face
On the news
Coming down some government plane steps

Not knowing what maelstrom
Of media attention you will endure

Not knowing what struggles
You will face
Reunited with your loved ones again

Not knowing what effort you must make
And with what chances of success
To resurrect your life,
This miracle of life

So brutalised by these years
These deluded, sick captors

I pray for the day you are free
I pray that one day
You can emerge from the jungles
In your memory bank
And find a clearing
A space that is cool and fresh and normal

I do think of you sometimes
Not enough
And wish that I could hold you
And take you to your family

Hold on cherie
Please hold on


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