Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Shelley Cut 'n' Pastes No. 1

I got Shelley's collected works out of Hamilton Library and decided to take parts of single lines in his poems, essays or letters, and join them to others from different Shelley pieces, putting them in three line poems like a haiku.

Your ambiguous course
Time-destroying infiniteness
Shall bear the sins of the world

In the world’s youth
Truth’s clear well
A mourning mind

Sleep, sleep, sleep on
Render up your dead
Proud impenetrable grief

An orphan’s affection
Delight makes lovers glad
And take sweet joy

Heaven with obscene imagery
Complicity with lust and hate
He speaks too frankly

Weave the mystic measure
Shaken by the wind
Damned since our parents fell

Then the sly serpent
Given yourself no unnecessary pain
Plumed with strong desire

The breath of the moist earth
Like snow on herbless peaks
I thank you

Crimson dew
This lovely child
A rainbow’s arch

Liberty, smitten to death
Behold with sleepless eyes
Heavy with love’s sweet rain

More hideous than your loathed selves
That terrible shadow floats
Heaven’s palace gates

Buried with my brothers
Stoop to any other law
Joy to the spirit came

What may be conceived
Divine and strange
Two glittering lights

Mighty stream, dark, calm
Frozen and inconstant moon
Small at first, weak and frail

Show their subtle delights
All the oppressions under the sun
Diffused and motionless

As the ghost of Homer clings
All the failing melodies
Sound of joy and love and wonder

Men of learning science, wit
The end of all
Memorise their flight with death

Like its glory long ago
Whose echoes they are
Scatter, ashes and sparks


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