Friday, 25 July 2008

fixing an old gate

to fix an old gate
start by getting to know it
that usually takes about twenty years or so
then tighten up the screws that are still in it
holding the hinge to the gate and to the gate post
screw fine new screws in where any have been lost over time

don't disturb any cobwebs
you're fixing a gate
not decimating a community

it's worth considering whether to repaint
or brush protectorate onto the wood
wood likes to breathe
and feel natural
but it also enjoys a fresh coat
like we do after many years in rags
so think about it

make sure the bolt still fits into the bolt hole
as you refix the screws
making assumptions without checking
can lead to a skewed conclusion to your work

finally thank the old gate for its patience
and years of consistent service
may it live long and see your grandchildren
walk in and out of its domain
and may they in turn
come to fix the old gate with reverence.

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