Tuesday, 5 August 2008

guernica april 26 1937

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Guernica awakes to a world of black and white
a lamp offering hopeless light in the bleakness
someone is drowning in fire
while newspapers devour the town in inky bloodstains

everyone grieves for the horse
feels the bull's pain
their shadowy, broken legs
distorting the clarity, the sepia daylight

legs and hands stretch in every direction
pulled apart as they yearn for shelter
broken sword, hilt in dismebodied hand
begging the ultimate question
was it worth it?

the child cradled in its mother's
wretched arms
madonna bereft
her eyes asking the same question
of the numbed bull
almost kissing it in imploration
a dead child, one more

the artist gropes blindly far beyond himself
not knowing what the brush holds for him
he paints reality in monochrome anguish
and brings our abject horrors to full colour
and immortal remorse

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