Tuesday, 19 August 2008

without knowing it

without knowing it
you picked up an axe
and smashed it into me
blow upon blow
till i was strewn into hundreds of shards
blood awash on the floor, on the bits of guts and bones
that were once me

without knowing it
your berserk assault
left me dead
in pieces

without knowing it
you created the catalyst
for rebirth
some part of me, still conscious of existence
a mind amongst the carnage
started to piece together all the fragments of my body
till i was whole again

without knowing it
naked, bloodless, bereft of thoughts and feeling
this body mind
started to produce blood
generate electrical impulses
feel senses, first touch then smell then taste then hearing
finally sight

without knowing it
i stood up, staggered but stayed upright
felt the blood and electricity course through my heart and brain
and i felt a rush of pure clear light fill my consciousness

and i smiled and forgave you

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