Wednesday, 24 September 2008

the night light

the night light
casts long shadows
at my desk

pen, mobile phone, diary
a few business cards
at the edge of my vision

working for what
for whom

aware of my ageing fingers
typing on a mortal laptop
the lamp light reminding me
it's bedtime

today is ending
what was it?
i don't remember a single detail
did i live it
did i caress the moments
i don't know

tomorrow may choose
to grace me with its presence
after the perfect bliss of sweet sleep
when tomorrow ends
in the night light's soft grey shades
will i have used my day

it doesn't matter if i remember my day or not
it only matters that i touched the presence
felt the beautiful mystery
majestic morning turn to day to afternoon
to evening to night
to sweet sleep
touched every gentle fold of the air that envelops me
in its smooth blanket

i am an infant on this earth
swaddled in its blessed embrace

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