Tuesday, 23 September 2008

shallow times

we live in shallow times
so shallow we lack dimension
except for length and breadth
we stretch out forever in those two directions
but never rise above the paper-thin surface
nor search the depths we have forgotten exist

we live in times so shallow
we seem fit only to exist
not to live

against the laws of physics
it seems we are capable of becoming
even more shallow
to be less than two dimensional
to be, ultimately
no dimensional

was it always like this?
was there never a time
when ordinary men and women
rose in the morning sunlight
radiant with the prospect of living
moved to make a world anew
ready to work in concert
to ease the burdens of their fellow
men women and children?

shallow times
shallow lives
so shallow
as to cast no shadows
so shallow
as to leave no trace except rubbish tips
and graceless buildings
so shallow
as to consume their children's planet

so deeply, terribly, unfathomably

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