Sunday, 5 October 2008

being Polish

for the Kresy Siberian Virtual Museum team

being Polish is like having the wind
rush past your face
on a busy road
taken by surprise
always unsure whether it was a one-off
or perhaps it might strike again
blow you off guard
still you like the wind
it keeps your cheeks alive
and it's always better to be outdoors
in nature, with nature
even in the noisy city
with its drink dens and bustling students
we can wait, there's always time to wait
things will settle eventually
we have always waited
even when the wind behaves like a dervish
at a party
causing all the paper serviettes to fly
like pesky angels
all through the room
and the glasses get blown over
and the people begin to panic
it's not what it seems
it's just a little wind
and we can face the wind
and eventually we know the wind
and we can get on with our conversation again
in nature
with our nature
for our own Polish nature

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