Monday, 13 October 2008

on the train to Glasgow 15th August 2008

ipod music
the man is plugged in
and the noise leaks out

the woman reads a horror story
looking glum
she turns the page

the man stares aimlessly
as we approach Rutherglen
arms folded defensively

an ugly staircase
dirty windows
tarmac platform

tinny guitar solos
followed by silence
the music irritates my mind

the back of Tesco Entra
dead flowers as we cross the Clyde
the clouds darken

five out of six in this carriage
are wearing glasses
we are a short-sighted species

Dalmarnock Station is red brick
on both sides
like prison walls

in the dim lit station
there's always the danger
of being cut off

The Metro features Sir Alex Ferguson
and a £40,000 prize game
i get up - this is my station

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