Monday, 13 October 2008

train to Hamilton 15 August 2008

Pre-recorded announcement
i've heard a thousand times before
i wait for the train

Eastbound is Hamilton Carluke Lanark
Edinburgh Moscow Tokyo
myriad galaxies, even multiverses

shining yellow panels
gleaming red benches
it's a metallic world

because of this journey
because of this grating noise
i lost sight of my feelings

the metal screeches
assault in waves
the world's order

neon tickertape sign
"the next stop is Rutherglen"
on & on it goes

pink flowers so defiant
rebel against
the rusty rail tracks

an egg carton
two small blocks of wood
casually tossed onto the rail track

no peaks, no troughs
only illusions of peaks and troughs

i slay dragons
imaginary creatures

orange rowan berries
surrounded by a wire fence
perfectly free

nature encircles the housing estate
even as humanity encircles
the living Earth

the sky
a majestic layer
of abstract beauty

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