Saturday, 4 October 2008

walkin in the public park

walkin in the public park
watchin the kids play on the swings
feelin the damp grass
try to soak through my cheap trainers

we biked here forty years ago
from my mum and dad's house
walked along the wall edgin the paddlin pool
it had water in it in those days

i never used to stop at the war memorial
now i look beyond the victorian bandstand
to where are remembered young friends
and the places they were cut down


the war dead of Hamilton
not quite forgotten in the quiet corner of the park
young men, some still boys
the kids shouts of joy
from the see-saw and the mums and dads
loud gentle voices chippin in
simple lovin time together

in some corner of a public park
that is forever young
beside the busy, graceful
Bothwell Road
with its sweep of trees and history
i lay a wreath with my imagination
a gift to the memory of all
whose lives are honoured in this sandstone art

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