Friday, 19 December 2008

you say you're silent

you say you're silent
but you talk a lot
you spills the beans
about the affairs you've had
and nothing much about you seems quite sacred

i've heard you on the radio
watched your shows on the video
and all i hear is loss and sadness from you

so what you say, you never said
you promised much just spoke the truth
and in a way i guess i do believe you

but looking at your wizened face
your wizened heart, your aging grace
i guess I'd better show pity to you

the politicians lie for power
you bow your head and beg more peace
but they will never grant you silence you know

their lives are shallower than the gulags' graves
their collaborators heads are shaved
and no one gets out of this hell hole do they

keep your silence old man
keep your anger inside
let me walk with you in the Hamilton rain
and the two of us can talk without words
till the rooks melt with the sun
and the magpies return their ill gotten goods

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