Saturday, 21 March 2009


on the 16th June 2009
as always at that date
all around the world the faithful
turned towards Kirkcaldy

those rich enough
by following what they took to be his teachings
were of course in the holy town itself

thronged with businessmen
and increasingly in recent years
some women,
economists - the high priests of the religion
and of course the political elite'
agnostics mostly
but needing to be there
to press the flesh and pledge belief
in the one true faith

and at noon the great moment
when all bowed towards the lowly lawyer's stable
in which He was born
warmed by the cattle and the sheep
in the immaculate kingdome of Fife

they got to their knees
- on fine rugs made in Indonesia, special offer -
and lowered their heads to the sacred Earth
kissing the font of all raw materials
such are as left now
and declared the holy mantra

those to the west of Kirkcaldy
all around the world


those to the east


thus the mystic rite was fulfilled
and all those who could afford it
held festivals and shopping expeditions
and visits to ex-rainforests
to see how the mines now worked

while those
the excluded
the non-believers and the untouchables
looked on in envy and bewilderment
holding their sick and dying infants
standing on the parched, waste-strewn soil

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