Saturday, 25 July 2009

jesus and gautama have a row

Jesus: My father, creator of heaven and earth...
Gautama: 'scuse me?
Jesus: My father, creator of...
Gautama: There is no creator, only flow, change, causes and effects of causes
Jesus: I am the son of God, the father
Gautama: No God, no creator, this is all the delusion of a sense of fixed self
Jesus: I am sent down to save the sinners
Gautama: no sinners, no sins, only unskilful thoughts, words, deeds
Jesus (getting a bit teed off): I could clear you out of this temple without blinking an eye; I've done it to others
Gautama: and I would let you without blinking an eye; who needs a temple anyway?
Jesus: You are just...
Gautama: ... a collection of physical and mental aggregates, which arise and vanish in an instant.

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