Sunday, 16 August 2009

the sheer pointlessness of excellence

the sheer pointlessness of excellence
of gold medals
great achievements

dada honours, decorations
R Mutt CBE
a war medal made of pigs' ears

the life sacrifice to be a star
the hammering ego
the ludicrous cross to bear

photo insight

saw it in her eyes
she loves me
even now

saw it in her bright alive eyes
from an old torn photo
she loves me
from her grave

mind is capable

mind is capable
of conspiring with the universe
to bring you freedoms
beyond your present conception

Saturday, 15 August 2009

these people

these people
interrupt my meditative stream

i pretend to listen to their flow of nonsense

i am considering the stillness
inherent in everything that moves

but my insights are crushed
by the babble of friends family world news

i breathe deeply
try to recapture the Realisation

try too hard
and it's gone

I'm back
and give my attention
to my loved ones

which is where i ought to have been

seeking enlightenment
is the most stupid ***** thing
you can do
because it sure as hell won't get you there
and you'll miss your kids growing up
and your partner will be bored
by your eternal navel gazing

so if you want to know the universe
try going to the football
with your mates.

we ate berries in the summer

we ate berries in the summer
and our health returned
plucking rasps and strawbs
like they were diamonds
in a jeweller's robbery

this soup, you know
will keep you alive
in years to come
it has magic in its warmth

always keep yourself warm when you can

we baked homemade bread
from freshly cut and ground grain
it gave us solidity
wild the cruel winds blew
or dreams to smithereens

berries, soup, bread - remember this

this rug

this rug you are wrapped in
belonged to a man from Irkutsk

he gave it to a Pole
in the forests of Siberia
to keep him warm

the old Pole,
fingers lost through frost bite
gave it me in turn
to keep me warm
on the motherless train
to my new beginning

wrap it around you child
wrap it round your soul
keep it
and when the time is right
- you'll know when -
give it to a stranger
to keep them warm
and safe from harm

Thursday, 13 August 2009

erik satie thank you

erik satie thank you
for sparing us forty minute symphonies
and giving us instead
the two minute heart of the matter

beauty without cloying
spirit without cloysters
humour without laughter

a silent sparse perfection

a lovely chaos ensues

a lovely chaos ensues
nurturing but directionless
jolting but serene

chaos upon chaos
like a messy layered chocolate cake

no easy answers

no easy answers
no answers at all
your questions are pointless
there is nothing to answer
don't you see?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


thus. the numpty calls his blog thus
meanwhile it's raining outside
soft scottish rain, liquid cotton
i love the early morning
before humanity gets into first gear

imperfection is perfect

imperfection is perfect
poor quality divine
this poem sucks

perfection is sick
the divine so tainted
this poem rocks

perfection resides within the error-strewn
the divine rests with that which is poor
this poem, not even a poem, mere trash

Friday, 7 August 2009

"do you see how happy he feels?"

"do you see how happy he feels?"

my eyes could hardly open they were so tired.

"don't you think you should be more like him?"

i would do anything for her to shut up so I could get back to sleep.

"After all life is for living"

or something like that.

to imagine is better than reality

to imagine is better than reality
and reality is just imagined after all
it's hard to know what's real and what's a dream
we all just flow, stumble, fall, fly

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

too scared to be simple

too scared to be simple
too desirous to accept
the frantic frenetic

keeping busy
the avoidance of living

Monday, 3 August 2009

blind willie's lament

dark was the night
cold was the ground
sang poor blind willie johnson

dark is the pit
cold are the bones
of blind willie johnson

dark is the Earth
cold is the heart
but blind willie johnson is red hot

i write a poem

i write a poem
Christine watches House
seduce a young medic on tv
which of us is wasting our time?

what there isn't

what there isn't
rises higher in my mind
than what there is

what's not seen
obliterates my certainty
of what I see
with these limited eyes