Thursday, 2 September 2010

It says

It says
an eye for an eye

I see
a rubbish tip scoured with teeth
on Glasgow streets

blind women starving
because they are made of meat
and greedy men mumbling
about Damascus and the road to blinding salvation

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Monkey At Large

Go alone and attract no attention
the meritorious will be rewarded
sixty ogres crowd around my table
seeking refuge in the Realm of Light

Tribunal in the Realm of Darkness
Hastily burn incense and tidy yourself
He'll give you no more trouble
But let me out, let me out.

If you bathe in ink you will turn blue
If you seek rain you will have your fill
Pull the plough and till the land
Behind the Zen Hall of the Treasure Wood.

It is time to repay the debt
Bow and depart in peace.

An Earthy Image (after Blake)

Desire has a human heartAnd Vibrancy a woman's face
Sensuous the female form Divine
And nudity the human dress

The human dress is forged red hot
The female form a fiery forge
The woman's face a furnace lit
The human heart is ripe to gorge.

Death of a magician

Merlin came like lightning into my life
into my garden
into my home
or nearly into my home

and crashed hopelessly
head lolling on a broken neck
when I found him on the patio floor

majestic thing, lumpen lifeless
the magic in his precious being
I held him like my only child
and looked at his expressionless face

had only we met in earlier times
and shared some slender resource together
just the magician and I who admired him

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

the past hit me

the past hit me this morning
came sneaking up behind my back
and slapped me on the cheek

i wished i was long ago
and far away
where heat and freedom
let me loose on life

but the present proclaimed its sovereignty
and i bowed before its
incontestable strength,
i its smiling servant

Monday, 4 January 2010

In the Bible it says

In the Bible it says
an eye for an eye
a tooth for a tooth

i look around
and see
a world littered with teeth,
eyeballs scattered on the streets

and everywhere
toothless men starving
because they cannot eat
and blind men stumbling,
filled with hatred and despair