Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thin Man Reflection

Dylan's voice runs through my mind
several times a day, for weeks now

"Somethin is happnin
an you don't know what it is"

But I'm not
Feeling like Mr Jones
I'm sitting comfortably
in the maelstrom
of routine indecency

the worst are full of passionate intensity
the best are chilled out
wait until the war is over
when we're all a little older

we won't get fooled again.

Two False Treasures

Two great treasures I craved
one object of terror from whose every shadow I fled
I gained my two treasures
and found that within them
my worst terror reigned.
In horror, though I so wanted to cling to my treasures
I wrenched myself from them
abandoned them to rot in my mansion house
and sought refuge in a wooden hut
by the sea