Sunday, 30 July 2017

Swiss Travel Moments

I had to change seats
now am sitting in direct sunlight
it hurts my eyes
damages the quality of my day
but the way the clouds light up,
like a gift
from the God
that we imagine exists
precisely because of moments
like this.

the hay coloured grasses grow high
in the waste areas between streets
they're pretty sure of themselves
flourish in the warm rain
as city becomes suburb

on the tram
everyone avoids eye contact
while trying to observe everyone else

I check my phone battery
anxiety assuaged
for now

on a tram in Geneva
people off to busy work
standing room only.

A man types at his laptop
the woman beside me
head buried in her phone.

Umbrellas up outside
raindrops patterned vertically
on the window.

The trees in a slim neat line
contrast with the cream buildings behind them
we pass a Palais des Nations sign.

Hat on my lap
traveller's bag at my feet
a woman seated, looks close to tears.

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