Monday, 31 July 2017

The sweep of rain

The sweep of rain
Falls lightly on my head
And the memory lapses
Into a dream state
As I step back over
The buckled body
Which has one arm missing

I see it in three curious pieces
Just ahead of me
And the dust turns into a light mud
In a gentle process of much artistic merit

When the children's broken bodies
We're collected
And the clean up began
There was a soft quietness
Like a hymn had just finished

The shadows of a death song
Had gathered together now
Like a choir
Too painful to retain in a heart
That still held some residue of faith in beauty and colour

The following morning
I stepped over the strewn puddles
Nothing remained of the carnage
Just an archipelago of muck
And in my dreamlike state
I moved in slow motion
as the light rain
soaked through my skin

and I sensed that the sight of what I witnessed that day
Had drowned me
and that my bones had disintegrated
like sand castles do
when the waves come in.

and I wished my memory would collapse
and over a forgetful cliff
tumble till the day I die
As I disintegrate like sand
on a despairing shore

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