Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Still

Bad news travels even faster these days.
if you want face to face

Hearts still break
voices still crack
at the attempt to explain the pain

and no amount of tech
can bridge the gap
to give a hug of solace
and love

the pain remains distant
the voices don't mend the hole
the hearts may beat but they don't heal

bad news then.
time for time
and time alone
to do what only time
can do.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

the day

the day is almost done
and nothing
seems to have been achieved

hence this poem

a mark of creation

if poor, it's still there
out of nothing
a poem

if good
so what?
still just a creation

now the day has been fulfilled
this poem
something achieved
out of nothing

Thursday, 3 August 2017

in the absence

in the absence of danger
the human world seems confused
what to do if not to panic
what to do if there's nothing
to be anxious about

in the event of peace
we need agitation
let it build
hold its place

sometimes explode into war

when we've had enough
of war

we mistrustfully sniff about
for a ceasefire
which becomes a reluctant

but only peace in the sense
of an absence of war

real peace
is far from in our hearts

and after too long a period of this annoying quietness
lack of agitation
we need to let roll again
after all you can only
rebuild cities
and bury your dead
for so long
before the process starts to become
unbearably tortuous
and dull