Tuesday, 19 September 2017

to live life in peace

to live life in peace
to be free
from the ways we've been told to live
free from tv series
free from tv news
free from music and art
free from stories in books
free from history

to live

simply to live

to live simply

to eat
to eat without murdering animals

to drink pure clean water
to leave off alcohol
and sweet fizzy drinks

to do the work
that needs done

to build what needs built
but leave off what does not need built

to invent what needs inventing
but not to invent crap

to discover cures for illnesses

to nurture our minds
so that they are clear
and kind and giving

to end hunger

this is how to live life in peace

Monday, 11 September 2017


they keep stopping me
from doing what I should
be doing

they block me
hinder me
prevent me
from true purpose

the blockages
eat my time
deplete my energy

delete them
eliminate them
evaporate them

be clear
be cleansed
be pure in attention